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These 2 Beginner Sparring Drills will help you improve your striking tody before your next sparring match or class at your martial arts school. These two sparring drills focus on one and two strikes so you can focus on the proper form of each strike as well as learning to see what these strikes look like when they are coming at you. The sooner you can recognize the various punches and kicks, the sooner you can respond to them with the proper defenses and counter strikes of your own. These are of key importance for both taekwondo sparring/martial arts sparring, as well as for your self defense training. SParring specific ways can help you with your self defense skills.

Sparring in itself is unpredictable as most self defense situations are. Martial Arts styles such as taekwondo, where you do a lot of sparring, are more practical for self defense because you aren't just drilling with theory. You actually learn what sparring skills and self defense skills work for you. This is a key point we teach in our self defense for women workshops.

Ma'am Cheryl Sanders and Master Jonathan Field of Empowered strive to help women and young girls build confidence and find their inner strength through defense and empowerment training. They teach self defense for women, safety tips for women, women empowerment, and provide women's self defense workshops, online self defense tutorials, and fitness training. Check out the links below for more women's self defense techniques, safety tips, and much more...

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