6 Sexy Dance Moves Anyone Can Learn

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Wanna dance sexy like Magic Mike, Cardi B, Jlo or like a K-pop star? Or maybe you just wanna gain confidence and dance for your beau, or just for yourself. All good. In this dance lesson, we’ll show you 6 sexy dance moves that you can bust out anytime. This dance tutorial is for beginners, so you can definitely do all of these even if you don’t have much dance experience. That said, you want to challenge you with the last move. It will be most challenging but we don’t expect you to get it right away. Watch, practice and repeat!

We’ll also connect some of these dance moves so you can move fluidly (and sexily) from one move to another. Show it off!

Video TimeStamps:
0:00 - intro
00:16 - Move #1 - hip circles
2:07 #2 - body wave
5:08 #3 - head rolls
7:38 #4 - twerking
9:13 #5 - bridge rolls
10:40 #6 - butterflies
12:00 routine

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