De Ashi Barai VS A Standard Right Stance | Dimitri Dragin | Superstar Judo

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Here is Dimitri Dragin’s De Ashi Barai from a standard right vs right position. Of all of Dragin’s De Ashi Barai variations this was his most successful. It’s a perfect example of what Dragin’s Judo is all about.

Using his whole body to apply pressure onto his opponent, getting a reaction and then capitalising on it to execute a technique.

Like with all of Dragin’s De Ashi Barai variations he starts off looking for the De Ashi, but sometimes, depending on how Uke moves as Dragin makes contact, it can end up as Okuri Ashi Barai instead.

Either way this was an extremely successful scoring technique for Dragin, and one his opponents feared. Even though they knew it was his Tokui Waza, Dragin could still catch just about anyone with it.

The setup was designed to trick his opponents into thinking a forward attack was coming, so they would move in the opposite direction to avoid the potential attack. Then Dragin would strike, catching them by surprise.

Exclusive to Superstar Judo Dimitri Dragin will teach you step by step how his De Ashi Barai against standard right works, from the set up to the execution. Then we will then get to see it in action in competition at the World’s biggest tournaments.

Watch the full series here:

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