How to do Mae geri | Karate front kick | kekomi and keage

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Mae geri or front kick is one of the most basic techniques and the first kick that is taught to a karate practitioner. The kick is also used in other combat arts and sports like kick boxing, muay thai, taekwondo, sanda, kungfu, savate, sambo, mixed martial arts, etc. Although every discipline incorporates slightly different approach towards the kick that leads to slight change in the very same technique but the objective remains the same. Among the many objectives of the kick, some most common objectives are creating distance with the opponent, countering an aggressivelu charging opponent, inflicting damage, fetching points, feinting and setting up an attack. The primary targets include groin, urinary bladder, solar plexus and chin in self defence situations and stomach, chest and chin in combat sports. Karate kid's famous crane kick or lyoto machida 's famous kick knockout are the greatest examples of a jodan mae geri keage.

The video gives a short step by step guide on how to execute a proper mae geri (karate front kick). The video teaches both mae geri kekomi and mae geri keage and highlights all the mistakes people make while doing these kicks.
The video ends with an unusual bridging exercise specially designed to strengthen the glute muscles which are used in the kick.
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