How to Estimate Tasks in Project Management (With Any Technique)

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Learn how to estimate tasks in project management with a simple but reliable approach. These are underlying principles for task estimation with any technique.

You should use the same principles to estimate the duration and costs of a project. But be aware that we estimate project tasks first and only then create a project schedule or project budget. The bottom-up estimate is the most accurate technique in project management.

You can start estimating tasks without proper preparation. The accuracy of task estimation directly depends on the quality of your scope management efforts.

00:00 | How to Estimate
00:44 | How to Produce Schedule or Budget
01:19 | Rule #1
02:00 | Rule #2
03:09 | Rule #3
05:22 | Rule #4
06:41 | Rule #5
08:01 | Lessons Learned
08:43 | A Question to You


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