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André Cognard’s aikidoka career began following a revelation, a life-changing encounter with an 8th Dan Aikido teacher who would later become his mentor all his life: Kobayashi Hirokazu.

André Cognard dedicated his entire life to Aikido and Japanese culture, learning the language, customs, and traveling to Japan on numerous occasions.
His devotion and his commitment did not remain unanswered from Kobayashi Hirokazu who made André Cognard his pupil, his disciple, and then his successor.

In 1982, André Cognard created his European school, the Autonomous Academy of Aikido, based on the teachings of his master. Then, in 1997, he became head of the Kobayashi Hirokazu Group International Aikido Research Academy, which shines all over the world.

On the death of Kobayashi Hirokazu in 1998, André Cognard became the heir of the International Academy and in 2003 opened the Kobayashi Aikidojo, a dojo dedicated to the teachings of his master.

Passing through Japan in February 2020, we had the chance to meet him for an exclusive and intimate interview.

--- SUMMARY ---
00:00 - Introduction
00:30 - Can you introduce yourself?
08:02 - In hindsight, what is Aikido?
14:02 - Can we say that Aikido is an art of peace because it brings liberty?
16:17 - Moral is often opposed to instinct. Is Aikido's moral framework opposed to human nature?
21:41 - What parallel could we draw between aikido and postural forms such as Taichi which aims to rebalance the body?
25:31 - Is knowing Japanese Culture important to reach a deep understanding of Aikido?

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--- CREDITS ---
Director: Jordy Delage
Editing: Nicolas Nothum
Camera: Jordy Delage, Guillaume Erard
Translation & Subtitles : Baptiste Tavernier
Special thanks : Guillaume Ange, Jérôme Marchand, Guillaume Erard, Baptiste Tavernier
Music : "The Getaway" by Purple Planet Music

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