Open Access Ninja: The Brew of Law

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This video from Public Resource features Open Access Ninja, the brew of law. We go from beer commercial to the Sermon on the Mount on the wings of the Internet. Come along for the ride!


00:00 The Bar Scene
03:21 Thomas Gideon
06:50 Professor Zahr Said
08:37 Carl Malamud
14:54 Professor Pam Samuelson
18:10 Cory Doctorow
20:06 Professor Sarah Lamdan
22:30 The DIgiital Liberation Front
23:39 Professor Gitanjali Yadav
25:43 Tanisha Jackland reads Rabindranath Tagore
27:38 Carl Malamud
36:07 Do (Make Your Bread) - Credits
38:39 Thank You Arcadia!
38:52 Open Access Ninja Song - Credits
41:40 The Toasters!
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Check out our two hit singles from the A2K, the Public Resource house band!

Open Access Ninja:
Do (Make Your Bread):
Did you like the Tagore poem? Here's two stand-alone versions, both of which feature a reading by Tanisha Jackland and animation from Fletcher Wilson:

Let My Country Awake (Mix 1):
Let My Country Awake (Mix 2):
Writer/Producer: Carl Malamud
Director/Cinematographer: Kirk Walter
Audio/Composition: Martin Lucas
Audio/Composition: Barry Snaith

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