READING IN RUSSIAN | 30 MINS PRACTICE of pronunciation | Как читать по-русски #Katya2RU

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In this video we will practice reading in Russian & pronouncing the words just as the locals do. The book I took is about the architecture of Saint Petersburg, and I will read two pages for you, and you – read along with me. It’s practical when you see the text in front of you and see me speaking.

Like this, you can pay attention to my mimics, my intonation and how the words sound. Yes, in Russian we have quite a few sounds which you don’t spell, but you say them. Try to copy attentively all the sounds that I make and repeat all the words together with me.

This book is a bit complicated if you just start learning Russian, so don't get upset, I will post more videos like that for different level. The important thing is that you practice a lot daily and sincerely try to get into the world of the new language!

▶ Which words were the hardest for you to read? Do you like this kind of practice?


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