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Takedowns and submissions in Sambo
11 video lessons.
The course duration is 100 minutes along with special assignments.
In this course you will learn the basic fundamentals of the most essential arm, knee and Achilles locks for every wrestler.
Moreover, the course includes the most efficient feet-to-floor takedowns with immediate lock fixation.
Course content:
- Arm bar basics
- Flying armbar
- Achilles leg lock basics
- Takedown from standing position to Achilles lock
- Knee bar basics
- Another variation of knee bar from half guard
- Rolling knee bar on the ground
- Rolling knee bar from standing position
- Knee bar from standing position (variation of the scissors)
- Arm bar from guard (attack)
- Arm bar from guard (defense)
On completing the course and accomplishing all assignments not only you will learn how to perform these techniques in wrestling, but also you will be able to easily notice your opponent's mistakes and counterattack properly.

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