Tips to Pass Native Camp Demo | Aug 2021 Actual Demo Footage | 100% PASSED GUARANTEED

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Do you want to pass you Native Camp Demo class in just 1 take!? YOU CAN DO IT! This video contains the actual footage of my demo class last August 2021. I did not get any negative feedback from my interviewer and no score as well since this is just pass or fail.

I will be sharing with you tips on how you can avoid errors and actually remember what you’re supposed to do. Because to tell you honestly, the Native Camp Demo class is sooooo nerve-wracking. After having to wait more than an hour for a QA to facilitate your demo class, it would be so difficult to focus after having a mini heart attack when you hear the ….doorbell sound! Good luck!

0:00 Intro
1:23 Professionalism
3:33 Tool Navigation
6:09 Class Flow
10:17 Teaching Material
13:39 Chatbox
16:67 Errors

We have more videos about Native Camp Demo class coming soon!

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