Two Taekwondo BLACK BELTS Challenge MMA Fighter

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This is absolutely awesome that these martial arts exchanges are happening. In this video commentary, we have a professional MMA fighter named ChenGang (陈刚). Chen has been challenged by two taekwondo black belts. The first match was under kickboxing rules, and the TKD black belt looked like a World Taekwondo Federation fighter. The second match was under MMA rules and was no-gi (so I don't know what branch of Taekwondo the second much-bigger TKD guy is). Let's see what lessons we can learn from these exchanges and where TKD lacks in its combat sports readiness. Link to the original channel in the pinned comments!

0:00 Match 1 Kickboxing rules
1:21 Some Information
2:09 Match 2 MMA Rules
7:42 More Information
8:33 Throat singing outro

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