Vadim Starov Online Zoom Auto Training stage # 1 Relaxation and Fast Sleep stage # 2 Superpowers

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on Online auto-Training 1 stage Relaxation and how to quickly fall asleep, defeat insomnia, healthy sleep, anti-stress, lack of depression, raise the immune system. Methods of self hypnosis and higher level Hypnosis and NLP
1 First Stage Harmony Concentrated Relaxation, an alliance combining Autogenic European psychological training, Indian yoga, Russian traditions of healing, Chinese Qigong technique and special methods of Special Forces Psychotechnics. Balance of the Body of Mind and Spirit based on the Harmony of the soul with the surrounding World. the basics of a healthy lifestyle, cleansing, breathing, nutrition, movement, thinking and no stress.
2 Stage of Starov Antistress System
Management of thoughts and emotions, Alpha and Theta states of Consciousness.
Stage 3 Integrated Energy Development System
Stage 4 Complex Intelligence Development System
Step 5 Complex System of Intuition Development Sixth sense.
6 Stage Alpha Hypnosis hidden technologies of human control. Contactless combat remote control of a person.
Stage 7 Complex System of Energy-Informational Development of Man, based on quantum physics Power of Thought.
Step 8 Absolute practice of enlightenment and expansion of Consciousness.
Stage Working with images, visualization techniques, levitation, working with the past, present and future.
Classes are held, on Sundays, classes are from 8:00 - 9:00. Compulsory Zoom, WhatsApp, loose clothing, self-observation diary, chair with backrest.
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Метод Аутогенной самостоятельной психофизической тренировки
рассчитан на собственные Силы под руководством учителя.
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Мой сайт , запись на индивидуальное обучение ! тел. +7 (495 ) 543-88-90
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